Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in Mechelinki and Surroundings

Are you overwhelmed by seaside towns bursting at the seams with tourists? The crowds and constant hustle and bustle make your head spin? Colorful carousels, cotton candy, music reminiscent of the 80s blaring from old megaphones, ubiquitous discos… Stop! You simply want to relax and detach from everyday life. You find solace in strolling through nature, enjoying pleasant views, and the joy of your little ones frolicking in the water. You can have it all at your fingertips. Mechelinki is located near Rewa and can be reached on foot by walking along the beach. It is less crowded than Rewa, making it an ideal place for beach relaxation or a stroll on the local pier.

How to Relax in Mechelinki?

It’s worth taking advantage of the famous pier, which offers a breathtaking view of the blue sea and the local cliff. Here, you can experience truly wonderful sunrises. For these experiences, it’s worth getting up early and enjoying the promenade enriched with a small outdoor gym, benches, and several vantage points overlooking the vast sea. Near the pier, heading towards Rewa, there is an educational-recreational attraction showcasing the region’s history and its fishing traditions. It is the Mechelinki Open-Air Museum. Here, you will find a peculiar fishing boat, learn a few types of fishing knots, play ships, or pull a rope. It is a truly charming place to visit with children. Nearby, you will also encounter a true marvel – the Mechelinki Cliff, offering truly majestic views. A curious fact is that along the promenade, near the old fishing port, two impressive spruce trees with a circumference exceeding 5 meters are growing. In 2006, the trees were named after Pomeranian dukes – Mściwoj and Świętopełk. Świętopełk is primarily known for granting city rights to Gdańsk and founding numerous monasteries. Additionally, his battles against the Teutonic Order allowed for the maintenance of Pomerania’s sovereignty. Mechelinki is still not heavily frequented by tourists, which allows for a relaxing beach experience without fighting for space during the season. The promenade, port, and mini open-air museum are excellent tourist attractions in this small town.

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