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Wreck Cemetery - in Rewa

Thinking about wrecks, we often associate them with underwater adventures and divers who immerse themselves in the depths of the ocean to uncover the secrets of sunken ships from ancient times. Unfortunately, such spectacular views are rare in Poland, and it’s hard to expect to find here 18th-century galleons teeming with colorful fish and coral reefs. However, in the waters of the Baltic Sea, especially in the Puck Bay, we can come across very interesting places for underwater exploration.

Diving in the Puck Bay offers the opportunity to see the spectacular Wreck Cemetery in Rewa, where three units registered by the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk can be found. Among them is “Helena,” a vessel built in the 19th century. The wreck cemetery in Rewa is a true paradise for divers because the bay’s bottom is scattered with numerous wrecks, from large to small, from ancient times to those sunk during World War II.


Before the outbreak of the war, small sailboats were operated by shipowners from Rewa. Even during the interwar period, under the Polish flag, ten single or two-masted ships sailed on the Gdansk Bay. Their home port was Rewa, which is already marked as a small seaport on German maps from the last century.

The place called Rybitwa Mielizna is a Polish wreck cemetery located in the Puck Bay. It is a unique place, also known as Mewia Rewa or Ryf Mew, created by sandbanks carried by the sea. It can only be walked along by immersing oneself in the water. There are over 20 wrecks at this location, including sunken cutters and the wreck of the submarine ORP Kujawiak. It is worth mentioning that fragments of this submarine are visible above the water’s surface, and the wrecks on Rybitwa Mielizna can be seen on Google maps!

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