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Rewa - a town with stunning views

Rewa is one of the most beautiful seaside towns. It is a well-known tourist center, visited by tourists throughout the year. The charm of this place attracts visitors both in hot summer days and in winter, which provides peace and blissful relaxation. Rewa is not an ordinary holiday resort. The place is known for its unique terrain, where shallow areas affect the specific shape of the sea, and the sandy cape that cuts through the sea is known among tourists all over the world.

Rewa Cape

The name of this charming town comes from its unique and most characteristic tourist attraction, namely a sandy, underwater ridge called “Rewa.” This ridge stretches from Rewski Cypel to the Hel Peninsula. One may wonder if it is possible to walk from Rewa to Hel? The answer to this question is the annual “Herring March” that takes place in August, where brave participants walk a 12-kilometer route through the shallow areas between Kuźnica Morska on the Hel Peninsula and Rewa near Gdynia.
The Rewa Cape is a popular tourist attraction, thanks to which Rewa has two unique beaches covered with delicate golden sand. These are the southern beach behind the cape towards Gdynia and the northern beach stretching towards Puck. Both beaches are guarded swimming areas, so any form of entertainment is closely monitored by qualified lifeguards.

Rewa, thanks to its unique cape, has become known as the birthplace of water sports. The Puck Bay is characterized by very shallow and warm waters, where strong winds blow, creating ideal conditions for water sports. Until recently, windsurfing dominated in Rewa, but now there are more and more enthusiasts of kitesurfing or wakeboarding.

Rewa - Relaxation and Nature. Sea Vacation

Due to its unique location, Rewa is not only a perfect base for active leisure and access to many attractions, but also surrounded by nature reserves, it is characterized by pristine air and a wealth of fauna and flora. While in Rewa, you have an amazing opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of the Mechelińskie Łąki Nature Reserve and the Beka Nature Reserve.

The Mechelińskie Łąki Reserve
The Mechelińskie Łąki Reserve is located within the Coastal Landscape Park. The reserve includes a bird-watching research point and a viewpoint that offers breathtaking views of the vast area. There are around 200 plant species growing in the reserve, including over 20 protected or rare species. The most valuable plant species in the reserve are the seaside lily and salt marshes. The Mechelińskie Łąki Reserve is an important nesting site for rare water and wetland bird species. In the southwest part of the reserve, there is a breeding colony of about 80 grey heron nests. The reserve is an essential stopover for migratory birds.

The Beka Nature Reserve
The Beka Nature Reserve was established to protect mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. The reserve is part of the Natura 2000 network and is classified as a protected area under the Birds Directive (Special Protection Area) and the Habitats Directive (Special Area of Conservation). There is an observation tower within the park that offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Visitors can explore the reserve using hiking and cycling trails to better understand and appreciate its natural beauty.

Exploring Rewa: What to See?

Beach in Rewa
Definitely one of the most important and exciting attractions in the region. It is one of the best places for seaside holidays for families with children as well as water sports enthusiasts. One of the more interesting elements of the beach is the fact that it adjoins two different bays. On one side, it adjoins the Puck Bay, which is characterized by warm and shallow water, and on the other side, the Gdańsk Bay, where the water is clear and more turbulent. As we can see, we are dealing with two completely different types of beaches that will attract connoisseurs of different types of recreation, from active recreation to blissful lounging on the sandy beach. The beaches are located just 200m from the center of Rewa and are 4km long. There is a guarded swimming area every 100 meters, which is an excellent place for families with children. The 50-meter-wide beach is clean and well-maintained. It is a true paradise for the whole family. Of course, the beaches are crowned by the most characteristic point in the region, the unique Rewa cape.

Rewa Cape
It is an attraction that will be remembered for a lifetime by anyone who visits it. It is nothing more than an attractive tourist sandy peninsula, which attracts tourists from all over the world with its unusual charm. It is the beginning of a series of shallow waters and sandbanks in the Puck Bay, over 10 km long, stretching from Rewa to Jastarnia. When the water level is low, a part of the spit protrudes above the waves, creating a section about 1 km long and 40-50 meters wide.
“Pier”, “If you want to relax and unwind, it’s worth taking a stroll on the pier. It’s the perfect place for an evening walk, which will allow you to enjoy the sunset with a beautiful view of the sea. You will surely fall in love with this place and want to come back here.

Shipwreck Cementery
“Shipwreck Cemetery”, “If you are a diving enthusiast, this is a place you should visit. Rewa is a cult place for underwater exploration enthusiasts, as there are a lot of shipwrecks here that attract true daredevils with their mysteriousness. A shipwreck is not only an interesting object to explore, but also a place full of mysteries and history. These attractions impress every diver. Diving among shipwrecks is also an excellent opportunity to get to know the diverse marine fauna and flora. Many species of fish and other marine animals inhabit shipwrecks, creating unique ecosystems. For divers, this is an unparalleled opportunity to learn about history and experience unforgettable moments.

Old Yache Harbor
“Old Yacht Harbor”, whose creation dates back to the 16th century. Before the outbreak of World War II, passenger ships and small sailing vessels moored here. Currently, the harbor serves only recreational purposes.

Alley of Distinguished Seafarers
“Alley of Distinguished Seafarers” is one of the main attractions in Rewa. In 2004, the Maritime Cross was unveiled there, which is an important navigational sign, as well as the first three commemorative plaques dedicated to:

• General Józef Haller
• Klemens Długi
• Jan Leszczyński

This initiated the annual tradition of embedding the next three plaques with the names of distinguished seafarers into the Alley. The plaques take the shape of a wind rose. The alley itself has become an attractive place for walks, equipped with benches and bicycle stands.

Water Cruises in Rewa
“Water Cruises in Rewa. When visiting Rewa, it is definitely worth taking advantage of the rich offer of water cruises. As widely known, Rewa is an ideal starting point for all maritime attractions and cities in the area. Therefore, it couldn’t miss a sea route by which we can get to all these attractions of the region. Rewa offers water cruises in the form of:

• Water Tram Rewa – Jastarnia (Hel Peninsula)
• Catamaran Cruises
• Rewa – Gdynia Cruise

Cruises are a real treat for sea adventure enthusiasts, full of beautiful landscapes and characteristic maritime climate. Perfect for those who want to take a break from everyday life and enjoy being by the sea.

Rewa: City of Water Sports

Rewa is informally called the city of water sports. The weather conditions here are simply ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, sailing, or SUP boarding.

Rewa is a perfect place for anyone who wants to experience a bit of adrenaline or taste the pleasure of practicing water sports. The weather conditions prevailing on the cape have made this entertainment not only popular among experienced windsurfers or kitesurfers. Many windsurfing and kitesurfing schools have been established around the cape, so Rewa is also an ideal place for those who are taking their first steps in this type of entertainment. Schools have perfectly shaped their offers for tourists, as they offer weekly, weekend, or even individual lessons with an instructor. Thanks to this, each vacation can be enriched with a moment of adrenaline flowing from a diverse range of water activities. What is important, everyone will find something for themselves, as water sports attract regardless of gender, age, or fitness level. Each sport offers incredible entertainment, contact with nature, and the opportunity for lots of exercise in healthy sea air.

Rewa: Tourist Attractions for the Whole Family
• Sightseeing cruises
• Aqua Park in Reda 15km
• Dar Pomorza Museum in Gdynia 15km
• Water Tram Rewa – Jastarnia
• Cliff in Gdynia 20km
• Seal Sanctuary in Hel 65km
• Promenade of Distinguished People of the Sea in Rewa
• BEKA Ornithological Reserve 3km
• Pier in Mechelinki 1km
• Cape in Rewa”

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