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Water Sports in Rewa – Time for Water Madness. Catch the Wind in Your Sails and Enjoy Your Dream Vacation!

You Don’t Have to Go Abroad to Find Your Dream Place Where Time Flows Slower. Break Away from the Everyday

The Avenue of the Sea Heroes is one of the main attractions in Rewa. In 2004, a Sea Cross was unveiled there.

Discover with your family the biggest attraction of the region, the Aquapark in Reda. It’s just a few dozen kilometers from Rewa.

The town of Mechelinki is located near Rewa. You can get there on foot, moving along the beach. Take a break.

Diving in the Bay of Puck gives the opportunity to see a spectacular cemetery of shipwrecks in Rewa.     

The Rewa Cape is an attraction that will be remembered for a lifetime by anyone who visits there.

The Mechowskie Caves are a unique natural form, the only caves of this type in Poland and northern Europe.

It is less crowded than Rewa, making it the perfect place to relax on the beach or take a walk on the local pier.

This attraction has already become a part of the lives of residents and tourists visiting the sea in Rewa.

From the cliff, there is a beautiful view of the Gulf of Gdańsk, encompassing a view from the Gdynia torpedo plant to the Rewa Cape.

The most beautiful seaside town. A well-known tourist center that is visited by tourists all year round.

When visiting the Bay of Puck, this is a must-see, as it is a great adventure for both children and adults.   

When visiting this area, you definitely cannot miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful reserve.               

It has always been one of the most important attractions in the region, but year after year, it enjoys even greater interest.

  Such incredible attractiveness of this region is carried by a very characteristic terrain shape.