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Aquapark in Reda

What if, besides water sports or communing with nature, we want to raise the adrenaline level? Are the kids already excited at the thought of diving with sharks, fast slides, or carefree fun on a pirate ship? Surely, Aquapark in Reda will satisfy this need for excitement! The covered Aquapark is not afraid of even the unpredictable weather by the sea. Aquapark in Reda has become a popular center for family entertainment, where you can spend not only a whole day but even a whole weekend. Discover the biggest attraction in the region, the Aquapark in Reda, with your family. It is located just a few dozen kilometers from Rewa, and it is definitely worth taking advantage of this attraction as it will be an amazing adventure for the whole family. It is the largest and most modern Aquapark in northern Poland.

What Awaits You in Aquapark in Reda?

Aquapark in Reda is a place where you will find a slide in a tunnel with a view of sharks, a pirate ship for children with numerous slides, several pools, jacuzzi, or a river where you can relax while floating on pontoons. There is also a sauna complex, and in the same building, you will find a restaurant and a bistro with delicious food, a parrot house, go-karts, and a 7D cinema. All of this is located in the Aquapark with sharks, which is part of the Aquacentrum.

Oceanarium – a marine aquarium with a living coral reef
Created for lovers of marine creatures. In this place, you have the opportunity to explore a living coral reef.

Pirate Bay – Pirate Bay attracts with great fun, where you will find a pirate ship with slides, water guns, and plenty of toys.

Castle Pool – a place of relaxation and rest, where you can experience relaxation on benches with neck and back massagers and water whips.

Family Slide – nothing else but a family slide 48 meters long, which you can enter with or without a pontoon.

River Expedition – a 300-meter route diversified with fantastic attractions.

Shark Slide – a place of real emotions, where a blue tunnel leads us through an aquarium with real, living sharks!

Water Slides – something pleasant for everyone! A slide system tailored to the audience, both for families with children and enthusiasts of intense experiences.

Volcano – it is a huge jacuzzi that can accommodate up to 24 people. The water geyser enhanced with light effects imitates a real volcano with lava. It is worth experiencing this unique relaxation.

Fitness Center and Squash Courts
People who like to engage in sports should visit the fitness center and squash courts. Here you will find top-quality training equipment.

Sauna World at the Spa & Wellness Center
If you want to relax, you should visit the Spa & Wellness center in Reda, where you will find a sauna world that will provide you with relaxation at the highest level.
The zone offers us the opportunity to use:
• Amber Sauna
• Kashubian Sauna
• Salt Sauna
• Finnish Sauna
• Forest Sauna
• Mediterranean Bath
• Baltic Bath
• Salt Cave
• Cooling Bench
• Relaxation Rooms
• Various Massages
• Relaxing and Beautifying Treatments

Parrot House
If you love birds, this place is created for you. The Parrot House is a place where you can admire and interact with freely flying parrots.

Gadoland is a place where you can see the most beautiful reptiles from around the world. Some of them can even be touched and photographed.

7D Cinema
7D Cinema is a place where you can watch interesting nature films in 7D format. This means that during the screening, you will have the impression of playing the main role because special 3D glasses are used, and the seats move in rhythm with the action on the screen. Additionally, while watching the movie, the audience can be splashed with water. 7D Cinema is a true thrill.

Shopping Passage
On the premises of Aquapark in Reda, there is a shopping passage where you can shop. The offer includes souvenirs from the aquapark and Pomerania, swimwear, swimming accessories, clothing, footwear, and other products. There are also several dining venues available.

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