Sea People's Avenue


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Sea People's Avenue

The Avenue of Distinguished Sea People is one of the main attractions in Rewa. In 2004, the Sea Cross was unveiled there, which is an important navigational sign, along with the first three commemorative plaques dedicated to:
  • Gen. Józef Haller – the Blue General, who liberated and married the Polish Sea. In 1920, he arrived in Puck, where he symbolically married Poland to the Baltic Sea.
  • Klemens Długi – the most famous Rewa shipowner. Connected to the sea since childhood, he sailed as a sailor on merchant ships and was mobilized to the Navy before World War I.
  • Jan Leszczyński – a long-time educator and master of maritime cadres. He was a lecturer at the Maritime School in Tczew, as well as in Gdynia. He was also an educator on school sailing ships such as Lwów or Dar Pomorza.

This event initiated the annual tradition of laying down the next three plaques with the names of distinguished sea people in the Avenue. The Avenue begins at the base of the Rewski Cape and is crowned with a monumental Sea Cross with arms shaped like anchors – it serves as an important navigational sign.

In recent years, the Avenue has been modernized and expanded, stretching between the seafront and Rewa’s main communication street, creating a pedestrian promenade with unique views, interesting aesthetic solutions, modernity, and accessibility for people with disabilities or mothers with small children. The plaques take the shape of a compass rose. The Avenue itself has become an attractive place for walks, equipped with benches and bike racks. Every year in August, the Kashubian Festival is organized, which presents the culture, art, and traditions of people living in these areas.

The Avenue was awarded in the Competition of the Polish Urbanists Society for the Best Developed Public Space in Poland. The Avenue and the Cross were created on the initiative of a Rewa resident Tadeusz Krzysztof and the Mayor of the Municipality

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