Puck Bay


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Puck Bay - The Best Place for Vacation

Do you want to experience the stunning colors of the Baltic Sea waters? Do you want to take an exciting ferry ride to the Hel Peninsula? Do you dream of relaxing on the charming uniqueness of the Spit in Rewa? These and many more attractions await you at the exceptional place that is Puck Bay. Puck Bay is a cult place for water sports enthusiasts, especially in the summer season when Rewa becomes the European capital of kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Two Parts of Puck Bay

Such incredible attractiveness of this region is caused by its very characteristic terrain and unique location. Puck Bay is a subregion of the Gulf of Gdańsk, separated from the open sea on the northwest side by the Hel Peninsula. The Bay is conventionally divided into two parts: eastern (outer) and western (inner). The boundary between them is the transition zone, created by the Rybitwia shoal, about 8.6 km long, and the Spit in Rewa, whose length varies depending on the water level. Changes in the water level cause the Rybitwia shoal to be emerged on average for 186 days. Puck Bay is also divided into an inner and an outer part. The inner part is sheltered on all sides and has only two navigable passages, located and deepened. The passages to the outer part of the Bay lead through Mewia Rewa called Głębinka and Kuźnicki Passage. Navigation on this body of water is very specific because it takes place in strictly defined places due to the very shallow waters of the Bay. To ensure that a yacht trip is enjoyable and safe, a safe route with artificially created depressions, which are properly marked, has been established. Navigation in this region is limited, but nothing is as enjoyable as admiring the ecosystem of such a beautiful region. Especially since, in addition to the unique Spit in Rewa, we can find a few other peculiarities here. Following a few hundred meters from the shore, at the height of the Babie Doły district, there are the ruins of a torpedo station from World War II built by the Germans. On Oksywie, we can admire the second torpedo station called Formoza, which is constantly occupied by soldiers.

The Puck Bay - Full of Tourist Attractions

Exploring the charms of the Puck Bay, one cannot miss the attraction that is the Cypel in Rewa. It is the beginning of a strip of shoals and sandbanks on the Puck Bay, over 10 km long, stretching from Rewa to Jastarnia. When the water level is low, a part of the spit protrudes above the waves, creating a section about 1 km long and 40-50 meters wide.

Sailing further, it is worth visiting Puck, where one of the oldest Polish ports is located. In the 16th century, it served twice as the main base of the Polish navy.

On the way to the western part of the Puck Bay, it is worth considering a stop in Rzucewo, where we will find a port that has a dedicated marina for sailors, where it is possible to moor yachts. In such a shallow bay, it is worth noting that yachts up to 20 meters long and with a depth of 2.8m can moor in the port.

We cannot miss the charming Jastarnia, which became the cradle of Polish maritime sailing in the 1930s. The symbols of the town became the wooden schooner “Zawisza Czarny” and after the war, the sailing ship “Generał Zaruski”. In the main part of Jastarnia, there is a seaport and three marinas for fishermen.

The end of the Puck Bay is crowned with Hel, where in the season, this small town is filled with a multitude of tourists. The journey through the entire Hel Peninsula turns out to be quite a feat due to the tourist traffic here. Driving a few dozen kilometers to Hel can take even several hours. From the seaside, we will dock in a charming port, where, in addition to the sailing marina, fishing boats also dock, and there is a designated place for a water tram that takes a course to Gdynia.

Puck Bay as an Ideal Place for Water Sports

The Puck Bay is characterized by very shallow and warm waters, where strong winds blow, creating ideal conditions for water sports. Until recently, windsurfing was dominant in Rewa, but we can now see more and more enthusiasts of kitesurfing or wakeboarding.

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