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Water Sports in Rewa - Time for Some Aquatic Adventure!

Catch the wind in your sails and enjoy your dream vacation! Rewa is known among water sports enthusiasts as the capital of Polish kitesurfing. Warm winds and shallow waters provide perfect conditions for all kinds of water sports. This region is abundant in all sorts of attractions and entertainment for water sports enthusiasts. Kitesurfing, flyboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, water bikes, jet skis, and diving are just a few of the possibilities that Rewa has to offer its visitors. All of these activities combine the sun, Baltic waves, and wind. Can you ever get bored in Rewa?

If you dream of always being able to simply grab a paddle, dive into the blue bay or just jump on a kite whenever you feel like swimming – Rewa is what you’re thinking of!


Extreme - Windsurfing

Windy days in Rewa? Just take a peek over the sea, where you will spot colorful sails that defy gravity. The Californian climate in Rewa is addicted to this sport. Although this sport requires a bit of technique, it is gaining more and more fans due to its extreme nature.

Iconic - Kitesurfing

Combining a love of water and a passion for air, jump among the waves, glide over the water’s surface, and simply enjoy the feeling of freedom that kitesurfing provides. Kitesurfing is a variation of surfing that falls into the category of extreme water sports. It involves sliding on the water on a special board, thanks to the wind force given by the kite held by the kitesurfer. The kite is the source of propulsion, which is controlled directly by the kitesurfer.

Relaxing - SUP Stand Up Paddling

One of the newest trends among water sports. At first, it was a pleasant and interesting episode on the Baltic beaches. At present, it has gained not only a large group of enthusiasts but also true fans. What is the fun about? Standing on an extremely stable board, similar to a surfboard, you paddle while floating through the blue sea.

Innovative - Diving

Are you a diving enthusiast? The Puck Bay is a perfect place for this type of activity. The area around Rewa provides a unique opportunity for diving and admiring the sunken wrecks in the region.

Active Recreation

More and more Poles are giving up traditional beach holidays in favor of active recreation. Water sports are a wonderful form of entertainment that does not require great skills or physical fitness.

This is where the most well-known courses are organized, conducted by professional instructors at various levels of advancement. Thanks to its excellent terrain, Rewa provides extremely favorable conditions for beginner water sports enthusiasts. Shallow water, warm and optimal winds, and a rich selection of water sports schools are ideal for families with children who want to experience more than just sunbathing. Active vacations combined with learning water sports can be an attraction for the whole family. There is nothing stopping children from trying their hand at board sports as well. Rewa is famous for its excellent location as it is a great starting point for the attractions of the Tri-City. The town is not as crowded as the Tri-City metropolitan area, making it the perfect destination for those who dream of escaping the crowds and tourists.

Rewa is the perfect place for water sports and excellent relaxation during your vacation!

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