Mechelińskie Łąki


Tourist Attractions

Mechelińskie Łąki Nature Reserve

When visiting the area, one cannot miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful reserve. The Mechelińskie Łąki nature reserve protects rare plant and animal species. In this area, you can see the rare white-fronted tern majestically soaring over the sea shore, or cranes strolling gracefully among colorful plants. It is an exciting adventure for both children and adults. Observing animals in their natural environment is particularly attractive for all visitors who appreciate contact with nature. Learning about this ecosystem is joyful and stimulating to the senses. Relaxation becomes an incredibly nourishing adventure that stays in memory for a long time.
According to the nature protection act, a nature reserve covers areas preserved in a natural or little-changed state, ecosystems, habitats, and natural sites, as well as plant, animal, and fungal habitats, and elements and components of non-living nature that stand out for their special natural, scientific, cultural, or landscape values.

What is a nature reserve?

Mechelińskie Łąki nature reserve is a faunistic nature reserve on the Kashubian Coast, located in the Nadmorski Landscape Park in the municipality of Kosakowo, adjacent to the Puck Bay. The reserve area is flat and low-lying, intersected by drainage canals. The sandy soils on this terrain have been peatified, thanks to the infiltration and periodic flooding of them with the salty waters of the bay. These conditions create an ideal environment for salt marshes.

The aim of the reserve’s protection is to “preserve the breeding and habitat sites of valuable water and marsh birds, reed and meadow communities, as well as specific halophytic habitats and typical water conditions for them.

The Fauna and Flora of the Reserve

A wide range of diverse plant communities can be found in the Mechelińskie Łąki Reserve, creating a characteristic zonal system as one moves from the shoreline of the bay towards the interior of the land. Different zones can be observed, including the beach, dune grasslands, saline and halophytic meadows, and reed swamps. Among these communities, the most valuable ones are those formed under the influence of the salty waters of the bay, such as halophytic and półyhalophytic communities dominated by salt-tolerant plants. Among the most valuable species of flora occurring in the reserve are seaside pennywort and saltmarshes. Mechelińskie Łąki is an important location for valuable fauna species. It is a nesting site for rare water and wetland bird species, as well as a resting place for birds during migration. Rare bird species found in the reserve include the white-fronted tern, river tern, osprey, common ringed and little ringed plovers, crane, bittern, and bearded reedling. The Mechelińskie Łąki Reserve is not only a habitat for birds but also a place for tailless amphibians. The reserve is home to most of the national amphibian species, including all three types of toads. A particularly valuable species found here is the rare stripeless tree frog, which is rarely seen in Poland.

How to Move Around the Nature Reserve?

As stated in art. 15 ust. 15 of the mentioned act, pedestrian, cycling, skiing, and horseback riding are prohibited in nature reserves, except for trails and ski runs designated by the regional environmental protection director. This means that before entering the reserve, it is necessary to ensure where specific tourist routes have been marked. In appropriate circumstances, such as for scientific purposes, the Regional Director of Environmental Protection may issue a decision allowing entry to the reserve.

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