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Groty Mechowskie - Caves

Groty Mechowskie represent a unique natural phenomenon, being the only caves of this kind in Poland and Northern Europe. They are a valuable natural monument listed in the register of legally protected objects. The attraction is small but interesting, formed during the last glaciation.

In Mechowo, we can find rare sandstone caves called Groty Mechowskie. The entire structure of the caves was shaped by the action of water, which eroded the soft material, leaving sandstone columns and sculpting impressive shapes. These caves consist of coarse-grained sandstones and calcareous conglomerates bonded with calcite, dating back to the Baltic glaciation period. Due to their unique character, the dripstone formations, small stalactites, ribs, and flowstones in Groty Mechowskie are protected as a nature reserve and have been designated as a monument of inanimate nature since 1955.


What are Groty Mechowskie?

The cave is composed of layers of sandstone combined with limestone cement, both on the ceiling and walls. It has two entrances, which is why it is known as Groty Mechowskie rather than Grota Mechowska. The two entrances are a great convenience for tourists as they don’t need to backtrack to the main entrance but can complete the tour by entering through one and exiting through the other. The corridors are winding and low (about 2 meters at the highest point). In some places, visitors need to stoop. Groty Mechowskie are known for being one of the shortest tourist trails in Poland. For some, it is an advantage as it doesn’t require much time for exploration, while for others, it may be a drawback as the route is too short. Currently, the route is only 61 meters long. Nevertheless, tourists are fascinated by the labyrinth formed between the narrow columns. Besides stalactites, the caves also contain other geological formations such as ribs and flowstones, which are equally fascinating. Some formations take on a red color due to the presence of iron compounds dissolved in water. Part of the cave is illuminated, ensuring the safety of visitors.

Groty Mechowskie is one of the largest unique natural formations in the Polish Lowlands and even in the European Lowlands. It is a rare example of karst forms that formed in water-glacial deposits from the most recent glaciation.

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